Common accuracy problems:

  • Device straight up & down: Make sure the device is straight up and down on your head and on the right side (not left side or back of head). The goggle strap slot orients the device properly. If you are using the device under a cap, you must keep it in the same orientation as it would be under the goggles. This is the most common cause of inaccurate times.
  • Head down finish: The finish should be with your head down, finishing with a good hand touch – just like in a race. Lifting your head early will cause the device to incorrectly detect the finish time. This is the second most common cause of inaccurate times.
  • Head up & still after finish: Your head should be still and in a neutral position until you begin to hear your time (i.e. don’t drop your head down or bob around until the stop has been detected).
  • Head still on start: It helps to keep your head still and in a neutral position before starting a swim. The device may detect a drop of your head right before you push off as a start (e.g. if you drop your head to rinse your goggles).

Less common accuracy problems:

  • Stop detection: The device requires about 5 seconds to detect the stop. If you have less time than that between intervals, it will likely register it all as the same swim (the device will continue to work it just won’t log the correct distance or time).
  • Backstroke finish: Looking too far backwards to the wall on backstroke finishes can sometimes be detected as a turn.
  • Stroke count accuracy: Stroke count may occasionally be off by one or two strokes. No breath sprinting is most challenging for the detection algorithm.
  • Stroke rate or stroke count not detected: The device must detect the breakout to get an accurate stroke/rate measurement. Get a good, head-down streamline on your pushoffs. The device can be configured to use a 2 second timer rather than detect the breakout if you are having a persistent problem.
  • Detecting turns: Only flip turns and open turns are supported at this time (“spin turns” likely won’t be detected).
  • Finishing "on the feet": Times will not be accurate if you finish with a flip turn.

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