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12 Ways To Know "You Might Be A Swimmer..."

Many of you are probably familiar with Jeff Foxworthy's "You Might Be a Redneck..." comedy routine.  Enjoy this riff on it for us swimmers!

    1. ​​If your hair dresser has ever made a funny face and said "Ohhh, do you swim?"...  You might be a swimmer. 
    2. If you've ever wondered why the first step of the directions for Ultra Swim Shampoo says "Wet your hair"…  You might be a swimmer. 
    3. If you've every licked your arm and smelled it because you missed the smell of the pool…  You might be a swimmer. 
    4. If your hair has ever frozen…  You might be a swimmer. (bonus points if it also broke off!) 
    5. If you can understand: "Tenfiftiesonthefortyfiveoutsmoothbackfastleaveonthebottom"…  You might be a swimmer. 
    6. If it has ever taken you more than 30 minutes to put on a swim suit…  You might be a swimmer. 
    7. If the buffet manager at the local restaurant has ever cried when you walked in…  You might be a swimmer.
    8. If you've ever failed to recognize a friend because they had their clothes on…  You might be a swimmer. 
    9. If the term "dolphin dives" has ever brought a smile to your face and it isn't because you're thinking of a cute animal swimming in the ocean…  You might be a swimmer.
    10. If you are dangerous to yourself and others on land…  You might be a swimmer. 
    11. If you learned how to stretch just so you can apply lotion to the middle of your back…  You might be a swimmer. 
    12. If you've ever swum farther than you can run… You might be a swimmer.  

Share your own ways you can tell you are a swimmer in the comments! 

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