Care tips for your Firebelly device:

  • Avoid temperature extremes: Do not expose your Firebelly device to extreme temperatures such as those experienced in your car in the summer or winter. Try to avoid leaving your device in the direct sun. Taking the device directly from the hot sun into the cool pool can damage your device.
  • Rinse and dry after each workout: Rinse your Firebelly device with cool, fresh water after each use (not pool water).  Make sure the device allowed to air dry completely (don't leave it in a case or equipment bag).
  • No harsh chemicals: Avoid device contact with lotions or sunscreens.  Do not use harsh cleaners.  Water can be used to clean the device, or, if needed, rubbing alcohol works as well (do not use acetone/nail polish remover as it will melt the plastic case material).
  • Use a case: A hard case is recommended for your device when it isn't in use on the pool deck or in your equipment bag.  The Firebelly website has custom cases available for purchase.
  • Avoid drops: It's recommended that the device be put on while in the pool, in case it is accidentally dropped.  The device contains sensitive bone conduction technology that is sensitive to sudden shocks.
  • Fast chargers: Do not use "fast" or "quick" USB chargers with your device. These chargers can damage your device and battery.

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