Tips for getting started:

  • Location and goggles: If the device is under the goggle straps, push it as far back towards your ear as possible. This minimizes the interference with goggle suction.
  • Goggle straps: Taught goggle straps work the best for keeping the device in place and preventing your goggles from leaking. Bungee straps work really well as they can be worn a little looser during warm up and then tightened down for a set with the Firebelly device.
  • Bone conduction audio: Make sure the device fits snuggly against your head so that the bone conduction is the most effective (you may need to tighten your goggles a little bit).
  • Getting used to voice: For some people the device voice takes some getting used to. We suggest you swim easy with it for a bit using mode 1 (time feedback every length) to get accustomed to the voice and familiarized with what you should expect to hear.
  • Turning device off: Press the top button twice quickly in order to exit swim detect mode (back to flashing green). The device will turn itself off after 10 minutes of no button presses when it is blinking green. If you wish to turn it off manually, press and hold the top button for 5 seconds until the device blinks red. Release the top button and the device will turn off.

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